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Creating Timeless Memories with Jayne Darling Vintage Singer
Creating Timeless Memories with Jayne Darling Vintage Singer
Creating Timeless Memories with Jayne Darling Vintage Singer

I believe that every celebration deserves a touch of timeless elegance and unforgettable melodies. Recently, we had the pleasure of being part of a truly special occasion – Rodney’s 80th Birthday Party at the charming Lees Hall Golf Club. The experience was nothing short of magical, and the lovely feedback from Diana, our valued client, only adds to the joy we feel in sharing this story.

What sets our performances apart is not just the music but the personalised touch we bring to each event. Accompanied by my husband, Darren, who expertly DJ’ed between sets, we ensured the perfect blend of melodies, creating an ambience tailored to the needs of the guests. It’s wonderful to know that our attention to detail in managing the volume for dancing and conversation, as well as keeping the party schedule on track, contributed to a seamless and enjoyable experience for everyone.

The moment of joy when lighting the candles and singing happy birthday to Diana’s dad was truly special. It’s moments like these that make our work incredibly rewarding and memorable. The Hokey Pokey dance brought everyone together, adding an interactive element to the evening. I firmly believe that the success of an event lies in these small, magical touches that create lasting memories.

What is most lovely is Diana’s mention of our personal involvement in the celebration. We didn’t just perform and leave; we became a part of the dancing, chatting, and overall celebration.

Diana’s initial contact through our website and the easy process of filling out a form and making a deposit are reflective of our commitment to making the booking process hassle-free for our clients. Darren’s proactive communication to ensure the schedule aligns with the client’s expectations is a testament to our dedication to delivering a first-rate service.

Diana’s closing words, expressing her readiness to book us again without hesitation, validate our mission to provide not just excellent musical entertainment but an all-encompassing experience that exceeds expectations.

In conclusion, I want to express my sincere gratitude to Diana and her family for allowing us to be a part of Rodney’s milestone celebration. It was truly an honour, and we look forward to creating more timeless memories through our music.

Thank you for choosing us.

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“We all absolutely loved having Jayne Darling sing and entertain for us at my Dads 80th Birthday Party at Lees Hall Golf Club.

Jayne was glamorous, witty and had us all captivated by her wonderful singing. Accompanied by her husband Darren who DJ’ed for us in-between Jaynes sets and read the room perfectly. Keeping the volume just right for dancing and talking, making sure the nights itinerary for the party was on time, prompting me (when needed), to sort the cake/buffet and keep the party in full swing. Having Jayne light the candles and sing happy birthday to my dad was a real joy.
Getting everyone involved in the Hokey Pokey, was also a lovely touch by Jayne, that we all thoroughly enjoyed. Jayne didn’t disappear after her singing, she joined in with the dancing and chatting. All these extra things made the evening exceptional for all our friends and family.
Jayne and Darren are both lovely people, down to earth, entertaining, professional, thoughtful, caring and generous.
Our memorable evening excelled because of their talents and they made my Dad feel like a star.
Initially I contacted Jayne via her web page (after my Dad had expressed how much he had enjoyed hearing Jayne sing at the 40’s day in Chesterfield).
I filled out a form and paid my deposit, giving a few details of how I wanted the evening to go. It was very easy.
Darren got in touch with me a couple of nights before the party to check the schedule was ok.
I would book them again without hesitation, extremely good value, a first rate team.
Thank you both soo much.
Diana, Sheffield.