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Crich Tramway 1940s Weekend 2017

Jayne Darling 1940s Singer

It was Crich again! So happy to be back at one of my favourite shows of the year in such a fantastic place.

This was my third year at Crich Tramway Village and in 2016 I did the whole week – this year the event was just over the 2 days – far more manageable for the organisers.

As far as the entertainment was concerned it was developed even further this year and the line up included myself, Kevin Mack, Marina Mae, Madeline Brown and Pete Wayre with 2 stages; the Bandstand and the Tram shed.  We were also blessed with the weather this year too as the sun was out on both days.

It was fantastic to catch up with everyone again and the atmosphere was great; lots of reenactors alongside members of the public to support the events and pay their respects.

As well as seeing friends and catching up my highlight was listening to Harry who was a Bevin Boy – he spoke about his experiences for over half an hour in a descriptive and eloquent way.

A treat for myself and Darren was my family coming along on the Sunday including my brother and his wife along with baby Alexander, my cousin Ian from Stockport and my mum.

Laughs were had all round and even more so as we had Maddie Brown stay over as well.  What a trouper she is!

There were ton’s of pictures taken at the event and the ones shown below are mainly from our camera – so not the professional ones, but at least a good idea about the day.


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